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1MISSION’s Bikes Fight Poverty ride would not be possible without our rockstar volunteers. Check out this year’s volunteer opportunities below.

Launch Party Hospitality

Event Photographer

Launch Morning + Rider Check-in

Aid Station

SAG Driver or Rider

Medical Support

Additional Drivers

Ajo Setup & Food Prep

Volunteer FAQ

If you don’t see an answer to your question, Contact us.

Although it would be ideal, it is NOT required. You will however need to provide other US Citizenship documents such as a certified copy of a US Birth certificate, a Naturalization Certificate, a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or a Certificate of Citizenship.
1MISSION will provide each SAG vehicle with the essential items you need to support your group of riders such as: extra tubes, jugs of water, snacks, sunscreen, Tylenol, Advil and Chapstick. Our SAG volunteers have been know to go all out when it comes to the entertainment of the riders. Feel free to bring costumes, noisemakers and your dancing shoes to help encourage the riders along the way. Oh, and extra sunscreen, you can never have too much sunscreen!!!!
YES! Please include them on your registration form. If you have already completed your registration form, please complete one for your child.  

** Please READ**  If the volunteer opportunity requires that you be outside of your vehicle, close to the side of the road, children must be the age of 11 years old or older to attend.  Please note, that we ask that you still have a passenger with you that is capable to help you navigate the route and communicate with other volunteers, typically the ideal age is 14 years old.

Sunscreen, snacks, water, cell phone, car charger and a positive attitude! If you are volunteering for multiple days, make sure that you remember your essentials, sleeping and hygiene supplies.

SAG Volunteers: We encourage you to go all out! Make encouraging signs, have costumes, noise makers etc… Many of our amazing SAG volunteers make a playlist of music prior to the ride to play as the riders pass by.

YES! All of you daily meals will be provided for you. We do suggest that you bring your own snacks and water for the car, there is A LOT of driving involved! Also, please make your own arrangements if you have any special dietary needs/food allergies.
No, this will be handled through the Van Rental company and 1MISSION will handle that expense.

1MISSION will make arrangements to have all the necessary lease agreements available to be completed at the mandatory volunteer meeting that is typically 1 month before launch.  Proof of drivers license will be required at that time, so it is very important that you attend. We can make separate arrangements to have the Vans picked up the day prior to the launch and have them ready for you the morning of.

The stop for Day 1 is in Ajo. The volunteers will stay with our riders at the Ajo High School. We stay in the gym, so please bring a sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress etc… There are showers available as well so bring your toiletries! Day 2 lodging will be in Mexico at the 1MISSION basecamp. We give the riders dibs on the bunkhouse so we ask that our volunteers bring tents for camping. There are showers and restrooms available here for everyone! Not into sleeping on the ground? There are hotels in Ajo and Mexico that you can book for an additional fee.
Comfortable clothes! You think riding a bike 200+ miles is hard? Try volunteering for Bikes Fight Poverty! Just kidding, but seriously, it can be exhausting so be comfortable! You will be provided with a Bikes Fight Poverty shirt to wear on day 1 and you can always pick up some awesome additional swag at our online store here.

All vehicles entering Mexico must have Mexican automobile insurance. We ask our volunteers to provide insurance on their own vehicles. Below is our recommended insurance provider, please feel free to contact him and mention that you are volunteering for 1MISSION’s Bikes Fight Poverty.

Kirk Borg - Agape Insurance Partners: 623-562-3400

YES! If you will be traveling to Mexico as part of your volunteer opportunity you MUST have a valid passport or passport ID. If you do not have one, please do not wait until the last minute to get one as they are sometimes delayed and can be pricy to expedite!