1MISSION | Giving people in poverty the opportunity to earn a house

If you work in the housing industry - from real estate to construction - double
your impact by joining 1MISSION’s House to House team.


Depending on the option you choose, you can expect the following:

Dedicated Family

Dedicated Family

Fund an entire house for a family who has earned it. Share their story with your clients and even bring them on a house build trip! Houses cost between $6,000 and $9,000.

Client Gift
Client Gift

Instead of another gift card or knife set, let them know that through a donation on their behalf, a family in poverty is one step closer to owning a house they have earned.

Partner Box

Partner Box

You’ll want to see what’s in the box. Trust us.


Featured on 1MISSION.org

We want the world to know we’re partnering with you.

Promo Video

Personalized Promo Video

Check out an example. Insert you.

Co-Branded Marketing

Co-Branded Marketing Materials

From client gifts to business cards, we support you.

New Proof Report

Proof Report Flyers

Once the house is complete, you'll receive a proof report to share with your clients.

Mexico Build Trip

Mexico Build Trip

Come on a build trip! Even bring your clients! Either way, House to House partners receive a discount. See what a build trip is all about.


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